Call for donations for the war orphans Olha and Oleh from Kyiv region

These are 20 year old student of veterinary medicine, Oleh Liesnytskyi, and his seven year old sister Olha.

Their father Yaroslav Myalkin (33) was a gunman (sniper) in the 3rd platoon of the 1st Airborne Battalion of the 95th Separate Airborne Brigade.
Yaroslav was killed on 5 May 2015 near Avdiivka in Donetsk region.

On 8 August 2018, the war widow and mother of the two, ophthalmologist Elena Liesnytska (40), died in a clinic in Kyiv as a result of cancer.

Since then Oleh has been taking care of his little sister with the help of one of the grandmothers. Fortunately, in the meantime Oleh was granted the education rights for his sister by a court, although the age gap between the two children is officially not large enough. Obviously the judges have understood that this is the best solution for all family members – and especially for Olha. Both grandmothers have pledged their support Oleh in educating Olha.

However, Oleh and Olha are still facing all the big problems of everyday life: the orphan pensions are very low, Olehs opportunities to work in addition to studying (which should have absolute priority) are also limited. Thank God, their housing conditions are sufficient, they don’t need money for rent etc. apart of the (fairly high) „local taxes“. Oleh’s tuition fees are also not small, and it had always been a huge challenge for their deceased mother to be able to pay his tuition fees on a semester basis.

This is why we decided as Euromaidan NRW e.V., to take the step and to ask our donors and supporters for a recurring regular support for the livelihood of these two children (even smaller amounts are welcome, but please as „planable“ as possible, preferably by standing order). We came up with the idea because three of our supporters have set up standing orders independently of each other, two of them in favor of these two war orphans, who will need it in the foreseeable future.

Please arrange a standing order with your bank (or via online banking) to ​​the account mentioned below – any amount is welcome.

If you want to donate within Ukraine, let us know by private message, we will then provide you with the necessary bank card number – to avoid huge banking fees for the double transfer.

We sincerely thank you for your already existing support, your great dedication and the practical help that these and other widows and orphans in Ukraine are in dire need of – and of course hope for further donations.

Individual donations please via PayPal:

Jetzt einfach, schnell und sicher online bezahlen – mit PayPal.

or by bank transfer or standibg order to the account number:
IBAN-Nr. DE12380601861502025011, BIC GENODED1BRS, Volksbank Köln-Bonn eG – Account owner: EuroMaidan NRW e.V. – Purpose of transfer: Donations for Oleh and Olha


Team Germany for Ukraine “Deutschland für die Ukraine” and “EuroMaidan NRW e.V.”

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